Acquasafe Liquid Tank Disinfectant


Environmentally safe, tasteless and odourless, the Acquasafe formula is used for tankwater disinfection and treatment. The key to Acquasafe is a special combination of hydrogen peroxide with silver, supplied exclusively to Davey.

The formula has the ability to destroy bacteria and viruses however at the same time is non-toxic as it breaks down into oxygen and water.

Regular monitoring using Acquasafe test strips is essential to ensure your tank water remains safe.

  • Active in tank – for up to two months
  • Frequency for testing – after a significant rain event or every 2 weeks
  • Dosage rate – 1 litre per 15,000* litres
  • Contact Time – 24* hours

* Contact time can be reduced by increasing the dosage – refer to the technical datasheet for recommendations.

Acquasafe Liquid Tank Disinfectant

Installation and Operating Instructions

Specifications & Datasheets

Size Description Datasheet View
1 Litre

Treats 15,000 litres

PDF 1 MB 1 Litre
5 Litres

Treats 75,000 litres

PDF 1 MB 5 Litres
25 Litre

Treats 375,000 litres

PDF 1 MB 25 Litres

Test strips

  Pack of 20
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